Installation Guide

1. You will find the End-User License Agreement. Please make sure you fully understand it.

If you agree with all the conditions, you can accept it by ticking the check boxes under the text then click „Settings”.

2. You can either leave the default installation folder or select another one. Based on this, the system will set the name of the start icon in Start menu.

You can also choose here If you don’t want the MQL5 social website to open when installation has been completed.

3. After the installation has successfully finished, the „Finish” tab is enabled and then you can click on it.

4. To open a demo account select the DCFxBroker-Demo option from the list of choices then click „Next”
5. You can choose the type of the account here. If you already have a demo account, choose the first option, and key-in your login info. If you choose the second option, you can open a new account.

The third option is not available at the moment.

6. You must fill out the questionnaire to open a new demo account.

Tick the checkbox at the bottom of this page. By ticking the „I agree to subscribe to your newsletters”, you can click the „Next” button. This is necessary to continue the process.

7. After opening the account, your demo account number appears (login number), and the trading and investor password (read only) as well.

Please write them down and keep them in a safe place. Without your login and password you won’t be able to access your account.

By clicking the „Finish” button, the MetaTrader will automatically log in to the newly opened account.

8. To monitor the prices of all the symbols, click on the right mouse button on the „Market Watch page (on the left), and choose the „Show all” from the menu.

We wish you successful trading and a lot of pips!