Busting the myths of the Forex market

Busting the myths of the Forex marketI bet, you’ve heard a bunch of good advices, and read many educational articles about the Forex market. But what to belive? Here are a few questions, what we often make. We, as an award winning ECN brokerage company attempt to unmask the most common myths.

1. You have to be rich, to start trading
It is not true, you can find brokerage companies (including us), which allow you to trade with micro lot. You can open an account even from $100, so we have to make it clear, that it’s not a question of money. If you educate yourself well enough, you have a good chance to become successful on Forex.

2. You can only lose on while trading
Disappointed people, who only lost on Forex like to propagate this. At first let us make clear the air: the losses are a must in trading. To learn about the techique of the successful trading, once you have to make your own mistakes. Don’t expect to win too much in the beginning.

3. You can trade without any knowledge
Debutants see people making money trading on the Forex market and automatically assume they can easily do the same. What they forget it that there is strategy and research done in order to make successful trades and profits from trading. A basic education is needed, to be able to start trading. We also have to build an own strategy, which works for us.