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About Us

Our mission is to offer the best financial products and services worldwide.

We are committed to the highest quality and we focus on optimal performance, expertise and personal approach in our work. Our success is based on the quality of our services combined with the experience and strong dedication of our team.

Our dynamic growth and solid market share are the result of our steady commitment to the priorities described. A key component of our quality services is the cooperation with leading liquidity providers, thus insuring direct market access and the best spreads available on the real market.

We work towards building long term relationships with our clients, therefore we offer them managed account services closely monitored by our company to allow them to diversify the funds they wish to invest or spend on trading and to reduce the risks involved.

DCFxbroker now introduces a variety of investment options studied carefully in order to provide you with the best assistance and to direct your investments in the most diversified way to the broadest markets.


We offer a number of online investment services for over 41 various investment instruments including raw materials and Forex.

DCFxbroker also intends to offer its quality services to clients who want to trade with CFD. This service is currently being integrated into our product range.

Gold & Silver and Precious Metals

Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen and over 41 crosses

Low spreads from the real market

Uniquely designed Dynamic MAM

Web Office ensuring full transparency

Customizable multi-tier referral system

Partnership Options (IB, White label, Money Manager)

DCFxbroker exclusively works as an STP/DMA (Straight Through Process/Direct Market Access) broker and we have selected leading liquidity providers to insure the best spreads and direct market access for our clients.
  • Investment Security

    Protection of the funds invested by our clients is our top priority. DCFxbroker is an FSA-licensed financial business offering our clients both the benefits of our flexibility and the security based on stringent financial monitoring. The protection of clients’ capital, transparency of transactions and fair access to the market at competitive prices are the priorities of our company’s operation.
  • Profitability

    Realize outstanding profits with private trading or join one of our managed account partners and achieve significant yearly yields. Top quality trading services for our clients and capital-protected managed account services, complying with today’s strict requirements offered for our investors in a professional environment are DCFxbroker’s trademark.
  • Real Market

    We exclusively offer STP/DMA services for our clients and partners. The protection of our clients’ invested funds, transparent trading and fair market access at competitive prices are our top priorities. Satisfied clients are the best promotion for our business and we use the most advanced technology of the 21st century to improve our services to the highest satisfaction of our clients.
  • Developed for Our Partners

    Our investments reflect our efforts to meet the technical needs of our clients and partners. We offer high quality services that allow easy client acquisition and retention for our partners. Learn about the Dynamic MAM system developed by DCFxbroker and our multi-tier referral programme. Enjoy the benefits of the SECURITY, PRECISION AND TRANSPARENCY (words that have become the symbols of our business) offered by our specifically designed systems.

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